hello guys! I know we haven’t been very active and the new episode was yesterday!!!!

I’m so overloaded with school work as I’m taking 3 ap classes but I’ll try to do as much as I can!

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Anonymous asked: could you give me some tips on how to color awkward eps?

I don’t use my own psds so just look around for them there are a lot of good blogs :)

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drunkmatty asked: i love your blog <33

thanks so much! 

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iam-lordvoldewhore asked: hi! who's the new guy on awkward? you posted a gif of him, when they were all sitting on chairs and doing a photo-shoot looking thing???

that’s colin, from teasers something is supposed to happen between him and jenna and he’s played by nolan gerard funk

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Anonymous asked: AWKWARD IS BACK! time to do start the blog up agaaaain!:D

We’re trying!!!!

The past 2 episodes I’ve felt haven’t had much to gif unless u have certain requests!

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awkward is on tonight 10pm eastern!!!!!!!

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